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A day in the life

Life in the Mundanes headspace

((Mun's Note: Had this pop into my head, I just had to write it. ))



Stormer is sitting on a bed and leaning against the wall in a somewhat small room.

The walls are covered with posters of bands and singers and there is a small bookshelf opposite the bed. She is writing in a diary, and looking a bit irritated.


Hey Journal...

This sucks. And I thought sharing a place with The Misfits on tour was bad.

Well... It's a nice enough place I suppose... but having to share one house with eight other people?


At least everyone has their own room.


A loud thump can be heard in the hallway, followed by yelling and scrambling feet. She pauses, shakes her head, and goes back to her writing.


Sounds like Dante just pissed off Cynthia.... again.

This place is a Nut House. I swear, I'll never complain about sharing a room with Roxy on tour again.

It's not like the place is crowded, there are still empty rooms and a nice kitchen.....

Speaking of the kitchen.... the toaster is evil... Kathleen agrees with me, Dante thinks we're crazy. Yeah...


Like he has any room to talk.

The idiot goes car surfing... damn adrenalin junkie. Magnetizing your boots and riding on the roof of a fast moving car... yeah... well, maybe crazy is a little mild for him... more like certifiably fucking insane.

The Garage is huge, as is the yard. What the hell does a garage need 30 foot ceilings for anyways? I mean Damn. James Tank is huge, but even it can't possibly need this much room. Even with Kathleen's plane, Dante's bike, and that strange green army Jeep in there, it's still more than half empty.

Everyone here thinks the Jeep is strange. No one ever sees it move, but we still see it in different places all the time. Outside, inside, different places in the garage.... It's a bit unnerving, but for some reason it bothers me a lot less than that damn toaster.


Stormer looks up from her writing, closes the book and stretches. She then sets the book on the nightstand next to the bed as she gets up.


She walks out into the hallway and is nearly rundown by Cynthia chasing Murphy with a large fish.

“......” Stormer does a double take “Well.... This is weirder than usual...”
She sighs, shakes her head and makes her way towards the doors that lead to the yard.
Sometimes she really would rather not know.




*Characters running around in my headspace.*

**Characters I don't own.**

Stormer – Jem and the Holograms

Hound – G1 Transformers Cartoon

The Toaster – Transformers toy - Ejector (Revenge of the Fallen movie toy)


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James Lyulf

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