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Another day in the life

Just another day

Life in the Mundanes headspace

((Mun's Note: Life is apparently an appropriate title, as it seems to have taken on a life of it's own. ))



Stormer just stares as she walks into the kitchen, she was just going to grab a muffin for breakfast... But this...

There in the kitchen is Kathleen standing next to the toaster, poking it with a stick, and it looks like shes taunting it with a can of Jolt soda.

“Kathleen....? What the HELL are you doing?”

Kathleen looks up from taunting the toaster. “I'm going to prove this damn thing is stealing my soda.”


Before Stormer gets a chance to say anything, Dante chimes in with “And you think I'm crazy?” as he walks into the kitchen.

Holding up two fingers “Two words Dante, Car surfing.”

He gives Stormer a kicked puppy look. “Awww... Come on, Don't you love me anymore?”

She rolls her eyes “No.”

Grabbing a muffin from the counter, she shoves her way past Dante out of the kitchen as Kathleen goes back to poking the toaster.


I need a break.

Stormer eats the muffin as she heads to her room passing Murphy in the hall, she can't help but ask.

“What was up with Cynthia and the trout yesterday?” He just glares, “I don't want to talk about it.” He enters his room and slams the door.


Well. What crawled up his... never mind...


Stormer shakes her head as she enters her room, tossing the muffin wrapper in the garbage can by the door. Grabbing the acoustic guitar case from under her bed, a music notebook from the bookshelf and a pen from the drawer in the nightstand, she heads out to the yard.


Damn this place is weird. Walk in a straight line long enough, and you wind up back where you started. Granted it will take most of the day to do, and there are lots of things to see.... Still... so damn weird.


Finding a fairly large clearing in a strand of trees she looks around curiously. “This wasn't here before.” She mutters quietly to herself.


There is a good sized pond with a rock border by one end of the clearing, a large weeping willow sits near the edge of the pond, opposite a small dock. Almost the entire ground of the clearing is covered in a combination of grass and some sort of soft moss, with the exception of a few patches of wild grasses and flowers.


It really is quite a pretty spot though.

After looking around for a few minuets she settles herself at the base of the willow. Leaning against the trunk and taking her guitar out of it's case, and begins playing a few simple melodies.


A sound from above causes her to look up, there in one of the branches is a large bird.

Damn... That has to be the weirdest looking owl I have ever seen.... I'm never going to get used to this place.


Stormer shakes her head and decides to ignore it, she closes her eyes and starts to play whatever comes to mind.






*Characters running around in my headspace.*

**Characters I don't own.**


Stormer – Jem and the Holograms

Hound – G1 Transformers Cartoon

The Toaster – Transformers toy - Ejector (Revenge of the Fallen movie toy)

Noctowl - Pokemon



**Original Characters that belong to me.**


Andrew O'Reilly

Dante Henderson

Cynthia Mackay

James Lyulf

Kathleen Harris

Murphy Davidson

Jerrica Rogers

Alicia Nadie