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2012-11-23 02:56 pm


I haven't played with Stormer in years, please forgive any ooc and let me know how I'm doing? Hopefully I've improved my writing since I started this journal over on LJ...
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2010-01-08 01:36 pm
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Another day in the life

Just another day

Life in the Mundanes headspace

((Mun's Note: Life is apparently an appropriate title, as it seems to have taken on a life of it's own. ))



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2010-01-07 04:10 pm
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*IC* Bordem and writers block

Ever had one of those days? When nothing seems to go right?

Yeah, I'm having one of those. Nothing I write sounds any good to me, the lyrics suck, the melody is off, and nothing I do to change it works.

Me? Frustrated? Damn right.

I think I'm going to take a little break, take a walk or something.
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2010-01-07 12:00 pm
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A day in the life

Life in the Mundanes headspace

((Mun's Note: Had this pop into my head, I just had to write it. ))



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2010-01-05 09:24 pm
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OOC Contact post

Need the mun for anything? post here.
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2010-01-05 04:06 pm
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*OOC* Character Info Post

Character Information

Character Name: Mary 'Stormer' Phillips

Series/Fandom:  Jem and the Holograms

Source pages: 
Jem Wiki page, List of Jem characters, List of Jem episodes

This post is still a work in progress. Comments and criticism welcome, and much needed.

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